Don’t Go Nissan Out

With over 80 years of experience Nissan continues to produces beautifully styled, strong and dependable pick up trucks. Among one of the toughest beasts there is the Nissan Navara ST-X is one of the most popular yet most value for money models there is among the Nissan Line up.

The Nissan Navara I have pictured above and below is an ST- X Model which sits pretty much at the top of the range – giving exceptions to the limited addition models Nissan have released throughout the year. The vehicle comes with a 2.3litre twin turbo Diesel engine producing 140kw and 450Nm of Torque and is available in both a Manual and Automatic Transmission. The car also only uses an astonishing 7.0 Litres per 100kms combined fuel consumption.

The Nissan boats its ability to “Climb, Crawl and Power” your way through any trail whether it be Sydney roads or out in the bush. The Nissans 4WD system is electronically controlled with a switch located just on the dash. The Shift-on-fly-wheel 4 Wheel drive system gives you the ability to switch from 2WD to 4WD with a single turn of a switch which can be done whilst travelling up to speeds of 100km per hour. The vehicle is also equipped with a 4 Wheel Active brake limited Slip (ABLS) in which individually controls each of the four wheels optimizing your traction on those challenging tracks. An electronically locking rear Differential, Hill start Assist as well as Hill decent control are also standard as well. The suspension on the Nissan is almost as advanced as it can get with a 5 link rear suspension and Dual – Rate Spring system which is laid out in two stages. The Low spring rate invites a comfortable ride for all when the Ute is not carrying a full load whereas the High spring rate ensures that there will be no compromise in ride handling when you are carrying a car full of passengers, tools or 4WD gear. This all adding up to the 5 Star ANCAP safety Rating that prides all the loyal Navara Owners.

Not only is the Nissan Capable in the 4WD department but also very technologically advanced. The Car is standard with remote keyless entry and push button start as well as a reverse camera and 360 View Monitor which provides a surround view of the car whilst parking… which means no excuses for scratches anywhere. You also get Bluetooth standard as well as Apple Carplay and Android auto.

The ST-X Model also gains a few fancy features which I personally think are integral to the vehicle. On the ST-X you pick up 18 Inch Alloys, Dual Zone Climate control (No Arguments over the temp now ladies and gents), and a 2 Channel Utili-Track system which gives you an abundance of ways to tie down your cargo. It also picks up a protective Tub Liner, Roof Rails, and Heated and electric Door mirrors.

The ST- X I have pictures is also optioned with both option packs A & B which pick up Leather Accented Seat Trim, 8-way Power driver seat, heated front seats, Driver and passenger back pockets as well as an electric one touch (Power Tilt & Slide) Sunroof and Rear Interior lights.

Overall The Nissan Navara ST-X proves to be an over achiever in the 4WD department and very capable for every other use than that! If you, your friends or family members are interested in a Nissan Navara, don’t hesitate to contact myself to book a test drive because you don’t want to be Nissan Out!

The Nissan Navara ST-X modelled above is available for sale at our dealership! The vehicle was $62,225 Drive Away but we have this particular vehicle on clearance at $58,188 Drive away! Don’t hesitate to contact me via my Facebook page or on 9912 2062 if you are interested in purchasing this car.

Kia’s Under the Christmas Tree

If you are in the market for a new car and have been visiting dealership around Sydney, NSW or even around the country you would understand the very limited stock we have in the country. If you are just starting to look for a new car let me explain to current stock situation so you are prepared when purchasing your next new car. From around August 2020, New car dealerships have been struggling to get stock into the country and fulfill vehicle orders in the timely manner we once could. This is caused by a number of reasons from Manufacturer shut downs due to Covid to the limit they are putting on ships coming into the country as well as the delayed quarantine process once they arrive at ports in Australia. This slows the process in which vehicles arrive at dealerships, stock arriving and orders to be filled.

This being the case many people have realized the only way to get a vehicle they are after is to place an order on a vehicle that is either in production, on water or due to arrive at the dealership sometime later (This can include forward order vehicles – Built from scratch for the customer). Whilst this process of ordering a vehicle has increased due to limited stock physically at the dealership it means that vehicles we forward order for stock become sold and our mix of stock and sold cars arriving from overseas becomes heavily occupied with orders for clients rather than stock we can sell off the floor.

I have personally watched the vehicles I sell get harder and harder to get and customers becoming extremely frustrated as no one has educated them of the current stock situation nor given them the time of day to explain what the next few months is going to look like for the New Car industry in Australia. Now I know that seems all dark and gloomy but please just take it as a piece of advice and keep it in the back of your mind when you go out to purchase your new new vehicle.

On Another Note, a very popular call I am getting nearly everyday is “what cars do you have that I can get before Christmas” and below please find a detailed list I’ve put together of the last Kia’s I have left in stock that you’ll be able to pick up before Christmas. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for pricing on the below vehicles.

MY21 Kia Rio S (Auto) Clear White – Hatch

MY21 Kia Rio S (Auto) Clear White – Hatch

MY21 Kia Cerato Sport Plus (Auto) Aurora Black – Sedan

MY21 Kia Cerato GT (Auto) Steel Grey – Sedan

MY21 Kia Cerato GT (Auto) Horizon Blue – Sedan – DEMONSTRATOR

MY21 Kia Sportage SX+ (Auto) Clear White – SUV 5 Seat 2.0 GSL – DEMONSTRATOR

MY21 Kia Sportage SX+ (Auto) Clear White – SUV 5 Seat 2.0 GSL

MY21 Kia Sportage SX+ (Auto) Cherry Black – SUV 5 Seat 2.0 GSL

MY21 Kia Sportage SX+ (Auto) Sparkling Silver – SUV 5 Seat 2.0 GSL

MY21 Kia Sportage SX+ (Auto) Steel Grey – SUV 5 Seat 2.0 GSL

MY21 Kia Sportage SX+ (Auto) Clear White – SUV 5 Seat 2.0 GSL

MY21 Kia Sportage GT-Line (Auto) Snow White Pearl – SUV 5 Seat 2.0 DSL

MY21 Kia Sportage GT-Line (Auto) Snow White Pearl – SUV 5 Seat 2.4 GSL

MY21 Kia Sportage GT-Line (Auto) Clear White – SUV 5 Seat 2.4 GSL – DEMONSTRATOR

MY21 Kia Stinger GT (Auto) Deep Chroma Blue – Sedan 3.3

Yes I know the list is short, and yes I do have a little bit more stock coming through later, but if your looking to fit a Kia under the Christmas tree this year the above is what I can get Santa to do a special delivery before Christmas to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in viewing, test driving or purchasing one of these cars. All my contact details are on my Facebook Page.

Merry Christmas to all.

Turning up the heat

Whilst the Australian summer is starting and everything is heating up, dont be left behind and get behind the wheel of one of Australia’s Hottest hatches!

This 2017 Ford Focus RS is magnificently presented and holds exceptional value for money. The Focus RS isn’t one of Australia’s leading hottest hatches for no reason. The baby of the Ford family comes with not just a pretty face but some serious power behind it. The Vehicle is a 6 speed manual, 2.3 liter turbocharged 4 Cylinder Ecoboost engine, all wheel drive pushing 257Kw and 440Nm of Torque. Therefore not only will you be fast but you have confidence to take corners without your rear end sliding out (and I’m sure we’ve all been there by accident… or on purpose).

The RS, not only is hiding a beast under the hood but has advanced safety features to give you peace of mind on those long summers drives. The vehicle is equipped with Brake assist, EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), Brake emergency displays and is also fitted with performance Brembo brakes. Reverse sensors as well as a camera and cruise control are standard as well.

But is this car just made for performance? Definitely not. This car would be suitable for anyone from the local car enthusiast to the daily commuter. Practicality is never an issue as the vehicle comes standard with Keyless entry and push button start, Bluetooth, Apple Carplay and android auto just for your convenience. As well as Satellite Navigation in built, Climate Control Air Conditioning, Automatic headlights and rain sensing wipers making this car not just a tonne of fun but also very practical for all types of drivers.

Now to the fun stuff. The Ford Focus RS is quick, its practical and now even more fun? The Car presents Recaro Bucket seats with Recaro and RS branding as well as 19 Inch alloy wheels, a Dual exhaust system (And yes it pops) a 9 speaker stereo system, RS Body Kit and …. Launch Control (Do what you will with that information…But do it legally)

All in all this is not just a car but an experience and one you need to jump in the drivers seat to see for yourself. So c’mon lets turn up the heat with one of Australia’s hottest hatches.

The Vehicle Pictured above is currently for sale at our used car dealership. It is a 2017 Model Ford Focus RS Manual. The car currently has 58,318Kms on it and presents exceptional value at only $43,853.00 Drive Away!


Or at least one of the legal ones….

The Jeep Gladiator. A beast of its own if you hadn’t already gathered from the name. An absolute warrior on the road and off, is packed with all the gear you need for your next 4WD adventures.

The model I have pictured above and below is the Rubicon (my personal Favorite and one of the top selling models in the Jeep range alone) sits in the middle of the range but is fully optioned with all the extras you will ever need and a little bit more.

The Jeep Gladiator Rubicon is optioned with the Lifestyle adventure group and the Rubicon Luxury Pack which adds premium fittings to the car and extra 4WD gear so you can take on those tough trails.

The Gladiator is an 8 speed automatic 3.6 liter petrol V6 engine which produces 209kW and 347 Nm of torque with an active on demand 4×4 Rock-Trac system which is pretty beasty considering the size of the car. The vehicle can also haul a massive 2721kg’s braked towing capacity. You also pick up Tru-Lock front and rear locking diffs which everyone who likes to fourbie knows is an essential from time to time. It also comes standard with front sway bar disconnect, FOX aluminum -bodied 2″ diameter front and rear shocks and standard 32 inch BFGoodrich off road tyres which means she’s pretty much capable of all your dream 4WD adventures as well as knowing you’ll have the capability to tackle each and every trail you endeavor too.

Moreover, not only does the Gladiator have all the 4WD equipment you need, it actually comes packed with plenty of luxury and tech features for the everyday driver. The Rubicon Luxury pack which is optioned on the vehicle I have pictured gets the Rubicon branded premium leather bucket seats, heated front seats as well as a heated steering wheel as standard. Phone connectivity is also not a problem as the car comes standard with bluetooth connections, Apple Carplay and Android Auto. And for those few who would love to blast Hotel California driving along the beach at sunset the car comes standard with a 9 Speaker Alpine premium audio system with a subwoofer as well.

Not only is this car packed with enormous off road potential and luxury for your everyday driver it comes with a wireless Bluetooth speaker that sits behind your second row seating (just in case you forget your own or don’t want to waste the battery in your car sitting round the campfire listening to some tunes). Its also makes storage handy with a Cargo Group and trail rail system, lockable rear under seat storage, Spray in bedliner and a roll- up tonneau cover. It also includes one of my all time favorite features being the forward facing TrailCam off road camera which has its own little washer for those muddy trails!

Safety wise you definitely have peace of mind whether you are off road or not with Full speed forward collision warnings, Blind spot detection, Rear Park assist systems, Adaptive cruise control with stop and Rear Cross Path detection.

The Jeep Gladiator Rubicon also comes with option packs that can pick up AUX Switches – 4 x programmable switches and a 240 amp alternator as well as 700 amp maintenance battery (Lifestyle Adventure Group Pack) a Steel Front Bumper and 17 Inch polished black alloy wheels. The Rubicon Luxury Package also includes premium door trim panels and body coloured fender flares in which all of the above is fitted to the vehicle pictured.

If you can see yourself cruising along in a gladiator being able to tackle all your off road dreams or just want to be a beast on the road come in and test drive one! And if you require any further information on the one and only Gladiator don’t hesitate to contact me!

Go Anywhere, Do Anything.

Happy Motoring.

This Jeep Gladiator Rubicon above is available for sale at our dealership for only $91,888.00 Drive away! This Rubicon model is optioned with the Lifestyle Adventure Group, the Rubicon Luxury Package as well as the Steel front bumper and the 17- Inch Polished Black Alloys.


The new seven seater in town that’s got everyone talking. The all new MQ4 Sorento which was just released a little over two months ago promotes bold styling as well as refined lineage and of course the signature tiger nose grill. A car that would stop you in your tracks and make you ponder “is that a range rover?” but no, and please don’t be mistaken by the sharper, more assertive looks because this is the all new Kia Sorento.

An SUV that is designed for stylish family outings as well as dominance on the road, there is a model to suit everyone in the range. The Sorento comes in two engine variants which gives you the choice of a rugged yet smooth 8 speed, 2.2 litre diesel DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) providing 148kw and 440Nm of torque in an AWD (All Wheel Drive). The fuel consumption on the diesel variant you’re looking at is a crazy 6.1L per 100Km’s combined fuel consumption meaning you get very close to nearly 1000kms per tank (this is coming from personal experience and of course dependent on how you drive the vehicle). The petrol is yet to be released in Australia but we should see it in the coming months and that will advocate a 3.5 litre V6 FWD (Front wheel drive). We are still waiting on all specifications for this model and I will touch on this when it does become available in Australia but with the success of the model selling out Australia wide I can definitely vouch the diesel has been a major hit! I can even tell you that people whom have never considered purchasing a diesel car in there life have test driven one and left a deposit with me right after!

The Sorento does also flaunt all the safety and tech you need as standard! The entry level model comes equipped with AEB (Autonomous Emergency Breaking) for all cars, pedestrians and cyclists and well as junction assist and multi collision breaking which means you are protected from all front collisions and secondary collisions. It also comes standard with Blind spot collision warnings, Rear cross traffic collision avoidance, Lane keep assistance, Driver Attention Alert and Advanced Smart cruise control for those who are on the road a lot.

The Sorento S (Entry Level) is also standard with Bluetooth, Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

So with the Sorento entry level coming standard with so much how can you add more?

Well as you move up into the Sport, Sport Plus and GT variants you get a 10.25 Inch touchscreen display, satellite navigation, Dual zone climate control, 18 inch machined finished alloy wheels and a 10 way power drivers seat in just the second model above! The Sport plus picks up a Smart key with push button start and smart remote start as well as full leather appointed seats, heated first row seating, a heated steering wheel and 19 inch rims. And well the GT… oh the GT – line, is a model you will fall head over heels for. The Gt – Line grabs your attention with a massive 12.6 inch digital Cluster display, 8 inch heads up display, Blind spot view monitors (Which is a camera view of your blind spot on your cluster display), Remote Smart parking assist (YES this car can park itself in tight spots), quilted Nappa leather, ventilated (or cooling) first row seating, 360 camera views, interior mood lighting (for your inner party animal), Panoramic Sunroof, Wireless phone charging and an amazing 12 speaker premium BOSE stereo system as well as 20 Inch dark chrome rims and much, much more.

The Diesel models are currently on a driveaway campaign this month ranging from $50,290.00 Drive Away to $65,290.00 Drive away for the Gt-line which presents absolutely exceptional value comparing to its competitors on the market!

If you are not convinced yet, come and see one for yourself! Come in and let the test drive speak for itself as I can guarantee you, your friends and family will be jealous you bought one!

My details are listed on my Facebook page or you can contact me through my website to book a VIP appointment with me to experience the all new Sorento for yourself!

Happy Motoring

Jesse Bolt

The Sorento featured above is currently for sale at our dealership. This Black edition Sorento is a limited addition only available at our dealership and is currently on special for $51,990.00 Drive away. The Black edition Sorento is an S model Diesel equipped with Black Rims, Black roof and mirrors, genuine Kia bonnet protector, Genuine Kia mats and darkest legal tints which gives you a very sporty edge to a family seven seater!


Presented with elegant styling and some serious tech and safety features let me tell you why the Kia Cerato S/Safety Pack should be the next new addition to your family!

A model designed to suit anyone from 18 to 80 years old, I can guarantee if you purchase this vehicle for long trips, short trips, business use or anything in between you will not regret it.

The Kia Cerato S/Safety pack boasts a 5 Star ANCAP safety rating with features such as Autonomous Emergency Breaking (AEB) with Forward Collision Warning Systems (FCWS), Lane Keep Assistance, Front & Rear Parking sensors as well as a reverse camera. It also picks up Smart Cruise Control (SCC), Blind Spot Detection (BSD) and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) which means whether its your Daughter, Dad, Aunty or Grandpa that picks up one of these Cerato’s, you can sleep peacefully knowing they have the most advanced safety technology that will protect them when out on the road.

The Cerato also comes Standard with technologies such as Apple Carplay, Android Auto, a 6 speaker audio system as well as Bluetooth and being an avid music and pod cast listener myself I have to say that Apple Carplay is my best friend! These tech features, personally, I think should be standard across all new cars nowadays, like c’mon who can be bothered touching a screen anymore (first world problems, right?), when you can just use voice activation to send a text message, play a song, or get Google Maps to navigate you to your next destination…

Not only is the Kia Cerato S/ Safety Pack packed with safety and tech features, but with some very user friendly everyday features you would never want to give up after owning one. The car comes with automatic folding mirrors, therefore when you lock the car they will fold in (Never get your mirror swiped off again!!!!), you also pick up auto headlights – I know not something too fancy but we’ve all been in the position where we forget to turn the lights off or on and normally end up with a flat battery or even worse -looking like a an idiot with other drivers flashing you (this happened way too much to me when I had a 2006 Mazda so I’m speaking from experience). You’ll also pick up Daytime running lights which will make you more visible during those rainy/cloudy days!

The heart of the Cerato is comprised of a 2.0 liter, in line 4 Cylinder motor with dual overhead cams and multipoint injectors. The Vehicle produces 112KW and 192Nm of torque using 7.4L per 100kms combined fuel consumption. It comes as a 6 speed automatic or if you like old school like me it also comes in a 6 speed manual transmission.

The Cerato S/Safety pack comes in both a Hatch and Sedan and are both the same price. The Cerato that I have pictured above and below is a limited addition only available at our dealership. The Black edition Cerato is an S/Safety Pack model and on top of the amazing features you get in the model alone you will pick up the sports styling with a black roof and mirrors, aftermarket black 16″ Rims, as well as a genuine Kia smoked bonnet protector, Darkest legal tints and genuine mats as standard. We have this vehicle priced to sell at only $26,990.0 Drive Away!

Now I know I have not touched on drive experience throughout this article, but I think that is something you cannot relay in words and I strongly believe you need to experience that for yourself (And that’s with all new cars your planning to purchase!). That being so if you are keen on the Cerato, why don’t you come in and drive one with me! Heck, even if you have any questions about this car you can contact me directly through the “contact me” page on my website or alternatively all my details are on my Facebook page @jesseboltsales.

Happy Motoring – Jesse Bolt


Life is a highway, the enjoyment you get depends on the lane you choose

Joel Fuhrman

I never wanted to be your typical salesman – you know the ones, scruffy hair, suit half tucked in and generally smoking a cigarette. I wanted to be authentic, I wanted to be different. I wanted to be the change the motor industry needed. I wanted to be that one car salesman (or should I say Woman) that you would never forget purchasing your next new car from.

My name is Jesse Bolt and my story started on a beautiful sunny day back in September 2018. Fresh out of Highschool my love for cars drove me straight into the dealership life. Car sales to be exact and its where I have been for the past 2 years.

My appreciation for cars started back in my early teens and it was in my last year of Highschool I went around to more than 25 odd dealerships and handed my resume out. Now I knew I was a rookie but I didn’t expect to not get one phone call back, not one, not even to clean the floors, nothing! But I Kept going and it wasn’t until about a year later I started at Kia Motors in Parramatta.

I started selling cars when I was 18 years old and here I am just over 2 years later and for the most part of the year the top performing sales consultant within the multi franchise company I work for.

Working in the motor industry definitely has its up’s and downs and for people who also work in the industry you know its more like riding the most loopy rollercoaster you can find but its on fire at the same time. Yet we are all fueled by our love and passion for cars and the overwhelming value every manufacturer has to offer, as well as the absolutely beautiful customers we get from time to time (I also cant forget the immense amounts of coffee).

Being a female in the industry definitely is a point of its own and half the reason I decided to join. I wanted to be different, I wanted to be the outlier. I also wanted to break every damn prejudice people held about a woman working in a male dominated industry. Don’t get me wrong though, as much as I have started to create the healthy boundaries and equality for women in the industry it is still a massive issue to this day. I still get the occasional caller on the other line say “Oh I didn’t want to speak to the receptionist again get me a sales consultant” or worse when meeting new clients for the first time at the dealership and have them turn around and say “I’m sorry darling but I don’t want to speak to a girl, can you go and get me one of the sales GUYS” and most of the time without words people’s vibes hint to the fact that you know nothing because you are a female and don’t want to give you the time of day. Yet being the most experienced sales consultant in my department.

Nevertheless I’ve always wanted to make an impact, I’ve always had this urge to educate more people about the motor industry. And hence this blog was born. I want to show you the value in the products your buying, I want to show you the best way to buy them and of course I want to show you the absolute crazy deals I do!

Whilst I may not have the most experience I hope that what I have learnt so far will be beneficial to all my clients in some way or another, in addition it will be great to see what this journey brings us all – including me.

So if you are keen on everything cars, jump in the passenger seat, buckle up and come with me down the highway I chose.