Turning up the heat

Whilst the Australian summer is starting and everything is heating up, dont be left behind and get behind the wheel of one of Australia’s Hottest hatches!

This 2017 Ford Focus RS is magnificently presented and holds exceptional value for money. The Focus RS isn’t one of Australia’s leading hottest hatches for no reason. The baby of the Ford family comes with not just a pretty face but some serious power behind it. The Vehicle is a 6 speed manual, 2.3 liter turbocharged 4 Cylinder Ecoboost engine, all wheel drive pushing 257Kw and 440Nm of Torque. Therefore not only will you be fast but you have confidence to take corners without your rear end sliding out (and I’m sure we’ve all been there by accident… or on purpose).

The RS, not only is hiding a beast under the hood but has advanced safety features to give you peace of mind on those long summers drives. The vehicle is equipped with Brake assist, EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), Brake emergency displays and is also fitted with performance Brembo brakes. Reverse sensors as well as a camera and cruise control are standard as well.

But is this car just made for performance? Definitely not. This car would be suitable for anyone from the local car enthusiast to the daily commuter. Practicality is never an issue as the vehicle comes standard with Keyless entry and push button start, Bluetooth, Apple Carplay and android auto just for your convenience. As well as Satellite Navigation in built, Climate Control Air Conditioning, Automatic headlights and rain sensing wipers making this car not just a tonne of fun but also very practical for all types of drivers.

Now to the fun stuff. The Ford Focus RS is quick, its practical and now even more fun? The Car presents Recaro Bucket seats with Recaro and RS branding as well as 19 Inch alloy wheels, a Dual exhaust system (And yes it pops) a 9 speaker stereo system, RS Body Kit and …. Launch Control (Do what you will with that information…But do it legally)

All in all this is not just a car but an experience and one you need to jump in the drivers seat to see for yourself. So c’mon lets turn up the heat with one of Australia’s hottest hatches.

The Vehicle Pictured above is currently for sale at our used car dealership. It is a 2017 Model Ford Focus RS Manual. The car currently has 58,318Kms on it and presents exceptional value at only $43,853.00 Drive Away!

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